Help Wanted! MDD Positions Open to University Students

Media Democracy Days Vancouver is looking for two students to work either on a paid work study program (which means they would need to already have been approved by Financial Aid for the summer) or as a volunteer intern on issues related to the Media Democracy Project. If the candidate is a workstudy they will … Continue reading

[UPCOMING EVENT] Revolutionary Horizons? Debating the Democratic Potential of the Internet

The CounterCulture Speaker Series Presents: Revolutionary Horizons? Debating the Democratic Potential of the Internet Jodi Dean & Andrew Feenberg debate to what degree technology enhances democracy. RSVP to save your space here. /// Overview /// The effect of the Internet and social media tools upon recent global uprisings has received much attention. Popular claims that … Continue reading

CANCELLED: ‘Blood in the Mobile’ Screening and Guest Lecture

UPDATE: THE APRIL 5 ‘BLOOD IN THE MOBILE’ SCREENING HAS BEEN CANCELLED. ‘Blood in the Mobile’ Screening Blood in the Mobile is a feature-length documentary exploring the human cost of the booming electronics industry. RSVP to save your spot by registering here. The mobile phone we have come to depend upon is the most swiftly-diffusing … Continue reading

MDD 2013 Wants Your Ideas!

Contribute your ideas to MDD 2013! Every year our team organizes a series of panels, speeches, and workshops covering different aspects of Canada’s media systems to raise awareness of how they affect our everyday lives. Experts are gathered to debate and discuss a variety of topics including aboriginal, environmental and political issues, and how they … Continue reading

Thank You For Supporting MDD 2012!

Thank You For Supporting MDD 2012! Thank you for celebrating a diverse independent media system in Vancouver, Canada, and globally! Your support of Media Democracy Days 2012 has made this year’s events the largest in our now 12 year history. Photos and video are on their way and we will make an announcement as soon … Continue reading