#1 Documenting Occupy

‘Documenting Occupy’ – A CounterCulture Speaker Series Event

Time:  Wednesday, October 3rd, 2012|Doors at 6:30PM| Event at 7:00PM

Location: Segal Conference Rooms (1420-1430), SFU Harbour Centre Campus.


  1. Screening: The Evolution is Love
    …a collection of short films made during the production of Fierce Love Films’ upcoming documentary Occupy Love featuring a presentation by filmmakers Nova Ami, Ian MacKenzie & Velcrow Ripper (www.occupylove.com).(www.occupylove.com)
  2. Panel & Q/A: ‘Documenting Occupy’ with David P. Ball (journalist, The Tyee, Vancouver Observer), Dr. Kathleen Cross (SFU), and Derrick O’Keefe (rabble.ca)
  3. Introduction by: Judy Rebick (author of Occupy This!)

Register t0 attend at documentingoccupy.eventbrite.com

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Our inaugural event will be introduced by longtime Canadian activist and founding publisher of rabble.ca, Judy Rebick, followed by a presentation of shorts by filmmakers Velcrow Ripper and Ian MacKenzie from their forthcoming “Occupy Love” film, which will premiere the following evening at the VIFF. This presentation will be called, ‘The Evolution is Love’.

Following the presentation there will be a panel discussion featuring journalist David P. Ball, rabble.ca’s Derrick O’Keefe, and Dr. Kathleen Cross from SFU’s School of Communication talking about the challenges of documenting the Occupy movement.

Film Information:
The Evolution is Love is a collection of short films woven together to explore the revolution of compassion in action that is taking place around the world, during the shooting of Fierce Love Films’ feature documentary Occupy Love (produced by Nova Ami, Ian MacKenzie and Velcrow Ripper). From the Arab Spring to the European Summer, from Occupy to the global sustainability movement, a profound shift is taking place: humanity is waking up to the fact that the dominant system of power is failing to provide us with health, happiness or meaning. The old paradigm of greed and extreme concentration of wealth is collapsing. Endless growth on a finite planet cannot be sustained. The resulting crisis has become the catalyst for a profound transformation: millions of people are deciding that enough is enough – the time has come to create a new world, a world that works for all life.

Fierce Love Films is Nova Ami, Ian MacKenzie and Velcrow Ripper. We are committed to changing the world through cutting-edge films that inspire personal and global revolutions, producing films that entertain, enlighten and offer transformative perspectives on the world we live in through effective and innovative methods of storytelling, transforming movies into movements.

Register t0 attend at documentingoccupy.eventbrite.com

Learn more at www.OccupyLove.org

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