The CounterCulture Speaker Series





Media Democracy Days is celebrating it’s 12th year by expanding into The Media Democracy Project (MDP). As part of this expansion, MDP is proud to announce, in partnership with SFU’s Institute for the Humanities, the CounterCulture speaker series. CounterCulture is a discussion and screening series aimed at engaging interested members of the public in critical debate on issues relating to art, media and politics. CounterCulture aims to promote the democratic ideals of dissent, debate and discussion, constituting a point of contact between the university and local communities with free, public events held at SFU’s downtown Harbour Centre campus. CounterCulture will help to create a significant presence for non-commercial alternative, independent, and democratic media in Canada. More events will be announced for 2013 and onwards, so stay tuned!

Check out past events:

1.  Event #1: ‘Documenting Occupy’- October 3rd, 2012

2. Event #2: David Barsamian- November 30th, 2012

3. Event #3: Jodi Dean & Andrew Feenberg: ‘Revolutionary Horizons?’ – April 12, 2013

4. Event #4: ‘The Missing News: BC Election 2013’ – May 3, 2013


 About the Media Democracy Project:

The Media Democracy Project is a group of people from both the academic and activist communities who are committed to democratizing the media. We believe that the media are central to the question of democracy for at least three reasons: (i) they are a significant source of political and cultural information for Canadians. (ii) they make some perspectives or messages part of the public discourse and neglect or omit others, and, (iii) they are owned by large corporate conglomerates, who wield significant political and economic power. Our project is to promote democracy of the media system itself and through the media, and to do so we focus on three principles, as identified in our ‘tag line’:

Know the Media | Be the Media | Change the Media

About SFU’s Institue for the Humanities (

Since its inception in 1983, the Institute for the Humanities at Simon Fraser University has been dedicated to the exploration of the critical perspectives that relate social concerns to the cultural and historical legacy of the Humanities. The Institute seeks to facilitate the development of attitudes that lead toward active engagement in society. In taking such a role, the Institute hopes to contribute reflective, contemplative, and critical public points of view on the conflicts and contentious issues of our time.

The Institute for the Humanities:

  1. Initiates, plans and supports interdisciplinary programs, conferences, seminars and research which bring together faculty in the Humanities, Social Sciences and Arts, with each other and with members of the wider community to discuss and study areas of common concern, and of social and intellectual significance;
  2. Encourages, facilitates, and participates in independent, multi-disciplinary research on a variety of themes and issues related to modern cultural studies;
  3. Works closely with the Department of Humanities in theFaculty of Arts and Social Sciences in support of its teaching program;
  4. Establishes contacts with organizations and universities where similar programs and Institutes exist.

Through these programs and initiatives the Institute hopes to bring together the resources and expertise of the University and the interests and the needs of groups in the wider community.



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