Media Coverage

Documentary Video footage of Media Democracy Days 2011 by Communications 425 students at SFU

“The Crisis of Journalism” by Ariane Madden for The Peak

“Media Awareness keyed in on at Media Democracy Days” by Caroline Chingcuanco for The Ubyssey

“Sut Jhally speaks to Media Democracy” with Stephen Quinn for CBC’s On The Coast,0/


“Media Democracy Days: Confronting the Future of Journalism” by Jenny Uechi for The Vancouver Observer,0/

“What to expect at this weekend’s Media Democracy Days in Vancouver” by Gala Milne for The Tyee; The Hook:

Interview on CJSF by Frieda Werden:

“MPs May and Davies Discuss need to Democratize Media” by Siavash Rokni for Rabble:

“Media Democracy Days marks its 10 year Anniversary” by Gala Milne for The Peak:

“Hot Off the Press: The State of Canadian Media” by Sarah Mansour for The Capilano Courier: 


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