Media Democracy Days Vancouver 2011 took place between November 11th and 13th. Highlights included a Friday night keynote speech Professor Sut Jhally (University of Massachusetts Amherst, Media Education Foundation) followed by a screening of War Made Easy hosted by the Pacific Cinémathèque. Saturday highlights included keynote speeches from renowned Canadian activist and media commentator Judy Rebick followed by six panels on a variety of topics including ‘The Future of Journalism’ and ‘Unions and Public Opinion in the Crisis Economy’. Saturday concluded with a roundtable plenary discussion on the future of the media democracy movement with Professor Sut Jhally, Judy Rebick, and Peter Steven moderated by Professor Robert Hackett (Simon Fraser University). Finally, the Sunday program included a series of workshops with a focus on hands-on media production and intervention hosted by community groups such as CJSF, Coop Radio (CFRO), Pacific Cinémathèque, and W2 Media Cafe

For video coverage of the event, photos, and interviews with our speakers and participants please visit http://pages.cmns.sfu.ca/mdd/

We encourage you to follow consult the full programme below to learn more about the event and to get a full flavor of what MDD has to offer or check out our 2011 Media Coverage:

2011 Program Guide


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