Media Fair Participants

Welcome to MDD’s Media Fair page! The Media Fair is a trade show-style exhibition of local, alternative, non-commercial and innovative media production that brings together a number of diverse communities, and helps promote the cause of media democratization to a much wider public. The Media Fair is set up on-site at MDD and runs from noon until 5PM on Saturday, November 12, 2011.

  With a circulation of over 100,000, Adbusters is a not-for-profit, reader-supported magazine that addresses the impacts that commercial forces have on our physical and cultural environments, and motivates social action around these issues to change the way we live in our 21st century information | @Adbusters
Amnesty International is a global movement of people committed to the promotion and protection of human rights. We focus on freedom of expression, through conventional and social media outlets, as well as advocacy on behalf of press freedom, journalists, and other media professionals who have been threatened or imprisoned around the |@AICanadaMedia
Art Threat is a non-profit online publication devoted to political art and cultural policy. We write about art that seeks to interpret, influence, or reflect upon society, showcase artists whose work inspires social change, and discuss policy as it pertains to culture. Art Threat can provide a wealth of information and eye | @artthreat
  Since 1962, the BCCLA has been an active and prominent defender of civil liberties and human rights in Canada. The BCCLA provides community education on civil rights and liberties, advocacy in action programs, public policy and justice | @bccla
The Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives is an independent, non-partisan research institute concerned with issues of social, economic and environmental justice. Founded in 1980, the CCPA is one of Canada’s leading progressive voices in public policy debates. They publish the CCPA Monitor, a publication on the forefront of many progressive struggles in | @ccpa
CiTR 101.9FM is the broadcasting Voice of the University of British Columbia. It is a student run, community supported, and nationally recognized radio station that has been giving a voice to UBC students and the Vancouver Community since | @CiTRradio
SFU’s campus radio station gives voice to local artists, activists, cultural influencers, and media makers through its diverse and entertaining | @cjsf
Using online space and mixed-media storytelling, Coop Culture’s mandate is to enrich Canada’s dialogue on cultural diversity through mixed-media storytelling and community | @CoopCulture
The Council of Canadians is Canada’s largest citizens’ organization, working to protect Canadian independence by promoting progressive policies on fair trade, clean water, energy security, public health care, and other issues of social and economic concern to | @VanCofCDNs
Published by CiTR 101.9FM out of the University of British Columbia, Discorder magazine has been providing Vancouver with vibrant, dynamic, and engaging coverage of the city’s independent music scene since | @DiscorderMag
Gen Why Media is a community building production group that uses public art, media, workshops and events to engage society in new forms of civic | @genwhymedia
One of the world’s best-known environmental action organizations, Greenpeace International is backed by an international membership of nearly 3 million, with regional offices located throughout the world. Representatives from Greenpeace Canada’s Vancouver office will share the successes and challenges of communicating their advocacy campaigns, documentary media, and environmental stewardship in a highly-commercialized media | @GreenpeaceCA
Associated with the grassroots movement to launch “The Corporation” film, Hello Cool World is an alternative ad agency whose mandate is: Ideas to audiences; audiences to action; action to outcome. They develop and maintain effective grassroots campaigns and distributing content for social causes for clients in the non-profit and independent film | @hellocoolworld
The United Nations Association in Canada’s Multimedia + Multiculturalism Project has partnered with Schema Magazine ( to coordinate, develop & deliver the Me In Media (MIM) project. The goal of MIM is to inspire dialogue around the inclusion of ethnic diversity in the multimedia landscape.
By telling local stories at street level, and putting distribution in the hands of community members, Megaphone makes media for | @MegaphoneMag is a national, non-partisan, non-profit organization working to advance and support an open and innovative communications system in Canada. They are best known for coordinating the ‘Stop The Meter’ campaign earlier this year, a campaign widely recognized as the biggest online citizens’ campaign in Canadian history, involving nearly half-a-million | @OpenMedia_ca
Out In Schools engages youth through film in the promotion of safer and diverse learning environments, free from homophobia and bullying. Through cinema and social dialogue, they foster community engagement around issues facing the queer | @outinschools
Pacific Cinémathèque is a non-profit film society bringing Vancouver the essential Cinémathèque is a non-profit film society bringing Vancouver the essential cinema experience.  For over fifteen years, our education department has offered screenings and workshops in critical media literacy, digital filmmaking and film | @theCinematheque
Peace it Together unites youth from opposing sides of a conflict to engage in a month-long program of dialogue and filmmaking. The films these youth co-create are then used as peace-building tools to advance reconciliatory approaches to ending the conflict. For the past seven years Peace it Together has focused on the Israeli/Palestinian conflict and has run three dialogue & filmmaking programs (2006, 2008, 2011) as well as one dialogue & outdoor adventure program (2004). | @peacefilms
Pull Focus is Vancouver’s only non-profit film school, empowering students to raise social awareness through thought provoking documentary films. Students are taught to write, produce, film and edit broadcast-quality mini-documentaries that can be used as outreach and promotional film material for charities/non-profits who can’t afford | @pullfocusfilms
This year, celebrated its 10th birthday as a leading non-profit, independent media organization dedicated to providing platforms and perspectives unavailable anywhere else in Canada. rabble is built on the efforts of progressive journalists, writers, artists and activists across the country — it’s news for the rest of | @rabbleca
RangiChangi Roots is a non-profit organization seeking to bring the green movement and cultural communities together. We work to build bridges between diverse communities, ENGO’s, governments and funder that work human rights and climate issues. We also host events that encourage dialogue, build connections, and empower | @rangichangi
Ricepaper provides a unique and vibrant outlook on contemporary Asian arts and culture in a Canadian context. They are committed to creating a forum for inclusive, representative and progressive dialogue for the diverse interests of Asian Canadians. They strive to connect the local, national, and global community by challenging how Asian Canadians are perceived and | @ricepapermag
The Indo-Canadian Times is a high quality Punjabi weekly newspaper serving Canada for over 34 years. It is the oldest and largest circulating Punjabi newspaper in Canada. Apna Roots is a bi-weekly, English newspaper serving the Indo-Canadian/South Asian community since 2001. The readers of Apna Roots are predominately of Punjabi, Hindi, Ismaili, Gujarati, Pakistani and Fijian background . The Punjab Di Awaaz is a Punjabi weekly newspaper serving the Punjabi community residing in British Columbia and Metro Vancouver. This paper is fast gaining popularity with the Punjabis for the dare devil editorials, investigative news and articles printed in Punjab Di |
The Mainlander is Vancouver’s go-to publication for independent, analytical and progressive coverage of municipal issues. We aim to provide historical perspective, economic and political analysis, and critical journalism. We strive to create a forum for those affected by local issues, but often have their voice drowned out by larger | @mainlandernews
Schema Magazine offers a reflection of pop-culture and identity for interculturally-minded individuals shaped by the sensibilities of 1.5-, 2nd- and sometimes 3rd-generation, mixed race, transnational and urban living Canadians between the ages of 18 and 35. Schema isn’t a magazine for people “caught between cultures” but, instead, for “cultural navigators” who wish to share their movement through complex cultures within | @schema_magazine
The Tyee is Canada’s leading independent online news magazine. With feisty, in-depth coverage of politics, social and environmental issues and arts and culture, we publish award-winning journalism that is vital to our democracy. Founded in 2003, continues to be a must-read for the straight goods on what’s happening in B.C. and | @TheTyee
  The Vancouver Observer is creating a new mainstream for media by bringing Vancouverites together through their coverage of culture, city, life, people and politics. With more than 260 contributors, the they are one of the highest ranked news sites in the | @VanObserver
The University of British Columbia and The Friendship House of Prince Rupert MDD is pleased to showcase a portable photographic mural depicting the First Nations communities of Prince Rupert, B.C. The mural was designed by a 19-year-old aspring Nisaga’a artist and includes over 500 photographs taken by various youth over the last 4 years. At 12′ by 8′, it’s large size has created an impressive mode of representation for those who are presently without access to computers, often left out of public discourse, and stigmatized. The mural will act as a starting point for a longer-term interactive multi-media piece with support from Jennifer Wolowic (PhD Candidate, Anthropology at UBC), the University of British Columbia, and The Friendship House of Prince Rupert.
The Vancouver local of the national Media Co-op network is the city’s only reader owned, grassroots, and independent news source. We launched as an open publishing website where we post stories, videos, images and more from the streets of resistance. We host workshops, collective meetings, community events, and the “Balaclava!” a monthly | @mediacoop
VIVO Media Arts Centre, founded in 1973 as the Satellite Video Exchange Society (SVES) is Vancouver’s oldest media arts access centre. VIVO continues to fulfill its founding vision by directly supporting independent artists, community-based producers and activists to develop and exchange their skills and ideas in a supportive | @VIVOMediaArts
W2 Media Cafe is a crossmedia centre at the Woodward’s site in Vancouver’s DTES. W2’s provides access to multiplatform broadcasting equipment, training, production and distribution support to promote social inclusion, breaking the digital divide, crosscultural dialogue and redress. The community centre features a cafe, meeting rooms, tech labs, broadcasting studio for media | @W2Woodwards

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