Our History

The first Media Democracy Day was held in 2001, organized by local Toronto and Vancouver members of the Campaign for Press and Broadcast Freedom (CPBF), an organization modeled after the British group of the same name.  CPBF Canada was a coalition of concerned citizens, researchers, academics and activists that emerged in 1996 in response to Hollinger Inc.’s takeover of much of the Canadian press and the threat to diversity of content posed by such an unprecedented concentration of ownership.

Since then the mediascape has changed. Concentration of ownership trends have continued including the convergences of media and telecommunications companies, and the current issues related to media policy have become even more crucial to the potential for democratic communication, as we will note below.  The CPBF has been reorganized and renamed as OpenMedia.ca and has been advancing media reform issues such as ‘net neutrality’ – the principle of non-discrimination in Internet access.

Discussion at the MDD 2010 Media Fair

The tenth Media Democracy Day, held on November 6, 2010 in Vancouver, saw record-breaking attendance, over three-quarters of whom had never attended the event before.  Close to three thousand people get to know their local media makers and participated in seminars on topics such as communication and copyright policy, media representation of the environment and gender, and documentary film production.


Attendees gather for Tony Burman's keynote address at MDD 2010


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