TONIGHT! Hear the election stories that weren’t paid for

Two weeks from now, BC citizens will be asked to go to the polls and choose a new government for their province. The race is getting heated, and efforts to control the message are ramping up. Things are getting so desperate that advertisements are being mistaken for actual news, as one party resorts to buying a front page story.1

This is not the kind of news we need. We need news that is representative, responsive, and enhances democracy. But where are we going to get it?

Tonight, join an expert panel of media makers and advocates in a dialogue on the under-reported stories in this year’s provincial election – the missing news – and the role that alternative an independent media vendors can play in informing you this election cycle.

The event will feature Gwen Barlee (Wilderness Committee), Bob Hackett (Newswatch Canada), Jarrah Hodge (, Andrew MacLeod (The Tyee), and Derrick O’Keefe ( for a feature dialogue on the important blindspots in the coverage of our provincial election, and how the mainstream media are not telling us the whole story.

We hope to see you there! And be sure to let us know you’re coming on Facebook!

/// Panelists ///elections_missing-share2
Gwen Barlee (Wilderness Committee)
Bob Hackett (SFU, Newswatch Canada)
Jarrah Hodge (
Andrew MacLeod (The Tyee)
Derrick O’Keefe (

/// Event Details ///
What: Panel Discussion on Media Coverage of the Election
Date: Friday, May 3, 2013
Time: 7:00PM

Free Attendance | First Come, First Served
Venue: Labatt Hall (Room #1700), SFU Vancouver (515 W. Hastings St.)

Twitter: @MediaDemocDay


[1] BC Liberal Ad On 24 Hours Front Page An ‘Illusion,’ Adrian Dix Says. Source: Huffington Post.


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