MDD 2013 Wants Your Ideas!

Contribute your ideas to MDD 2013!

Every year our team organizes a series of panels, speeches, and workshops covering different aspects of Canada’s media systems to raise awareness of how they affect our everyday lives. Experts are gathered to debate and discuss a variety of topics including aboriginal, environmental and political issues, and how they relate to media with the community at large.

For this to work best, we need input from you — it is critical to reflect your concerns and bring attention to subjects that are often overlooked. Our programme from previous years is available on the website (see 2012, 2011, and 2010 here) and we invite you to look at what we have done in the past.

With your contributions we can continue with our mission of media democratization through the three pillars: know the media, be the media and change the media.

Fill out the web form below, and submit your ideas now!

If the form below does not display properly, click here.

One Response to “MDD 2013 Wants Your Ideas!”
  1. sketcom says:

    Dear Media and Democracy Days,

    Can you talk about what is goin g on in Tibet right now ? the human rights situation is not getting better and the media is not discussing it. After the riots on the Olympics in Tibet, no investiogation has been done about what happened and how the Chinese media portarayed the facts. Many prtesters that want a free Tibet are put in prison and tortured ( ie Drapchi prison) They are not able to get out. People trying to escape are being shot in the mountains. Can we talk about Tibet ?Maybe by raising media awareness things can get better there

    Here is some more info: We need to talk about the issues of the environment, freedom of speech, cultural and educational rights.


    Susana Roque

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